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What is an IEE, and do I need one?

An Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) constitutes a professional assessment by a qualified examiner not affiliated with a public school. You'll want an IEE if you are unhappy with the testing results from your school, or feel testing was not as in-depth or comprehensive as necessary. You have the right to pursue an IEE, and a school must consider results of an IEE but is not required to accept them. However, they may provide more information useful to those who work with your child.

Worried other evaluations aren't thorough enough?

Educational Inspiration gives undivided attention to each child and their specific needs. My goal when conducting IEEs is to develop a profile of strengths and weaknesses and determine if that profile is reflective of a language or literacy disorder. Assessments will never be rushed, nor are they in a clinical environment. Children and their families are made to feel welcome during evaluations that are both thorough and personal. Educational Inspiration offers up to date tests and resources, combining this with care and a personalized approach creates the best possible opportunities for your child.

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